I .  Legislative

II.   Executive

iii.  Judicial

IV.  States

V.   Amendments

VI.  Debts, Supremacy, Oaths

VII.  Ratification

Number 2.

Executive Branch

Article 2 describes this branch with less words than of the Legislative Branch.

This branch is the lesser power in the Republic and contrary to popular congressional political cover, does not hold an exclusive on setting the agenda. That said, Congressional Abdication is not an agenda that defends Republic, it is their safe place of assured long political careers  of pretentious fulfillment of duty.

The only Grid-lock in Congress is in the time it takes that body to find comfort in their posturing before the voters, to move forward with the new norm of yet another 587 Billion Dollar deficit.

The gross Debt rises over 1 Trillion because borrowing is above actual defecit. Yet Speaker Ryan brags we are handling it and it is easy to see HOW they service the interest payment.  

RM AUG. 18, 2017

President Bush in a joint appearance with friend President Bill Clinton, indicated being humble is part of being President.  I say in view of TARP, President Bush has good reason to lay low rather than offer quips of wisdom during feel good chat sessions.  RM  July 14, 2017

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In war, reduction of the enemy’s ability to wage war, is paramount along with stemming their advance. Such is the case with Globalist’s war on their enemy, our Republic, reducing our ability to defend it by drowning US in National Debt, subverting our population, and divesting US of strategic industry. As we fend off Globalist, we need to reduce the ability of the enemy, Heroin, to wage war.. Fentanyl must be declared as A Weapon of Mass Destruction.  RM Nov. 21, 2018

Routinely ignored by politicians and pundits alike.

Federal Debt was 70% of GDP in 2008.

Federal Debt is 105% of GDP in 2016.

Now the Federal Government is to defend this Republic yet the

LARCENY OF WEIGHTED STRUCTURE OF CONGRESS presently = 20 Trillion Dollar Nat. Debt
Fight Back by electing REAL US Citizens to Congress, and stop Gov. subsides for securing votes.

Defend Republic by Opposing Professional Politicians #OHIO

Heroin,  protected by well-intended empathy to provide aid, (at daunting cost) for rescue from peer pressure inflicted and self-inflicted victimization, is a Gradual spread of a Weapon of Mass Destruction, encroaching upon a civilized people,  RM July 11,2017

Spending Cuts: To secure the gains of tax cuts I support the Leaning Out of all Federal Agencies, add to that, across the board spending cuts short of military.  We should not and can not risk the days ahead by financing #NationalDebt with more debt. RM  Oct. 14, 2018

Richard Morckel, citizen politician,  Defender of Our Republic, received 99,377 votes or 32.3 %, with zero dollars raised, and only $700 spent, working a full-time job, in the 2016 Election of Ohio 13th District US House against an incumbent, at Enmity with Our Nation,

Democrat Rep. #TimRyan.

Trust your instruments.

If we can draw together,by avoiding beyond arms reach, working out the defense of our Republic, even a small measure of coming together will rile the larceny, in our Nation.
The more our President pushes back against the circle of power in D.C., the more that certain of those in the Senate, such as Senator Lindsey Graham on the Senate Judiciary Committee, reveal themselves as opposed to this our Republic.
Yes we won’t save this vain and judged world, yet let us be caught, in well doing.
July 28, 2017 Richard Morckel

Photo Author is Ingfbruno

Tax Cuts: I support the President Trump Initiated tax cuts.

RM  Oct. 14,2018

Benevolence is the Liberty of a Free People, not to be robbed by Government. RM  May 2016

Education: I support the Conceptual Mediation Program at all levels of formal education.

This is a cognitive training procedure. October 14, 2018 RM

The Charlottesville, Va. riot was allowed to develop for the propaganda value against our constitutional Republic and used for a political ambush, at the cost of 3 lives.             

R Morckel.  August 16, 2017

Expunging Gerrymandering  helps consolidate power away from the Vote, much exampled in way the Court’s Overreach throw-out  of state after state vote on Defense of Marriage. Per the intention of this anti-republic move, a state legislative body simply delays on district lines until the clock runs out & defaults to an at arms length adjudicating board, watering down the power of the Vote (Republic). Conclusion is that Bi-Partisanship is The 5th Column against Our Nation.

It is to say, "Freedoms safest place" is in, “Defense of Our Republic”.
Richard Morckel June 26, 2018

Federal and state employment is at or about 18%. Fed Gov. at 6% is 9.1 million.

All of which to date share great job security. Does not include 5.3 million Federal contract and grant employees.

Too Little Tax and Debt Money Stewardship. Cutting Income tax was great move, yet without followup of the leaning out of government Spending. good.

RM 05/17/2019

The banking de-regulation of 1999 was an abuse of, “We the People” (the Republic) having been dragged into the bright lights of high risk, costing ill-replaceable savings and yet that same government, bails out its purveyors in 2008.  Investment Banking should have separation from commercial banking migrating unwanted contempt of and from, rarified air.      RM….May 18,2017

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Number 3.

Judicial Branch

Article 3 is the smallest part of the U.S. Constitution.

The least in power of the three branches.

Number 1.

Legislative Branch

Note that the House of Representatives is considered first in the U.S. Constitution and is considered more powerful than the Senate being that the House, is closer to the people.

Yet having abdicated for so long, our Professional Congress has by practice, establish such conduct as the norm.  This is evidence by 10 Trillion addition dollars of debt in just the 8 years of the 111th, 112th, 113th, and 114 Congresses.

James Comey Issues as FBI Director

1. Boston Marathon 2. Nidal Hasan 3. Private Jets forEric Holder and Robert Mueller

4. Clinton aides were both given immunity and allowed to destroy their laptops.

5. Ahmad Khan Rahami 6. 10-month investigation of Omar Mateen

as well: Comey allocated $100,000 to investigate Dinesh  D'Souza $20 K case

Photo Author Daderot

Photo Author is Martin Falbisoner